3 Lessons You Can Learn Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Before 2020 started off, you were probably swimming along pleasurable waters of excitement and anticipation while looking forward to a productive year. There’s a good chance you happily jotted down your new year’s resolutions in your diary and resolved to make things better. 

However, as the clock ticked by mercilessly, reality painfully slapped you on the wrist when you received the soul-lacerating news that the COVID-19 pandemic had taken the world by storm. Fast forward over 6 months into the year, the world is still grappling with this disturbing reality as health experts work round the clock to find solutions. 

But what if there are valuable lessons from the negative on-goings? There’s a lot you can learn from 2020’s heart-wrenching chaos. Have a scoop: 

  • Life is Unpredictable

Consider this: 

Have you ever met someone who has it all figured out? They’ve mapped their day out from morning to evening, and are just waiting for time to slip by –  so they make the most out of the golden hours. Such individuals are usually conservative planners with strong beliefs in their strategies. 

Unfortunately, this year disoriented countless plans. With massive layoffs, downsizing, school closures, and business restructurings on a huge scale, it goes without saying that things didn’t work out well. On the flip side though, despite the sickening turbulences, Governments, businesses, and individuals have been trying to come up with ways to bounce back after the heart-breaking down spiral/ downturn. 

Some individuals decided to start their businesses after losing their jobs – and others simply searched for other jobs or came up with ways to lower their burdens by negotiating with their landlords while seeking out reasonable solutions. The golden idea is that despite the negativity, the situation pulled most people out of their delusional comfort zones and awakened them to the current state of affairs.

So, the golden gem from such experiences is that while life is downright unpredictable, there’s hidden beauty in the intricate maneuvers and risk-taking. And while it’s disturbing, some people have been forced to overstretch their potential – and learn that they’re way stronger than they initially thought. Vusi Thembekwayo, a top growth venture capitalist and global speaker argues that no matter how strange and unpleasant chaos may seem, it sets the stage for exceptional leadership

Shockingly, while many people shrink away from responsibility in the face of adversity, true leaders swing into action and assume responsibility to solve problems, thus commanding respect and securing their leadership discretion. That said, maybe just maybe, the current unpredictabilities and challenges you’re facing may signal leadership opportunities.

  • Faith is The Antidote to Unpredictability

Nelson Mandela, a world-renowned global had his name indelibly written in the annals of history because of his unwavering faith in the face of adversity.

 Admittedly, he said that’s what saw him through his 27 excruciating years of incarceration and suffering on behalf of South African folk. 

The current situation is hands down troubling – underpinning that we need faith and togetherness more than ever before. Although we’re not quite sure of how tomorrow will turn out, pooling our resources together, sharing what we have with the less fortunate, and collectively surging forward hugely increases the chances of getting to a better future. 

Some top billionaires like Jack Ma have proven that togetherness is essential during the current difficult times; thanks to his philanthropic efforts to donate necessary masks and other supplies to Africa to help combat the pandemic.  Ideally, faith is the antidote to unpredictabilities of life because if we don’t latch onto faith, fear will slip in and wreak havoc in the long run.

  • Everything is Temporary

It’s painful to learn that your full-time job, business, and other material things are temporary  –  as things have turned out this year. Regardless, you can find solace in the idea that bitter truths strongly slam down comforting lies. Should you whimper over the ground and give up because everything will eventually slip into oblivion? You’d definitely want to make things better instead, right? Instead of shrinking into a passive flight mode, choose to strategically swing into a fighting gear. 

 Since everything is temporary including your valuable time, maybe it’s now time to optimally utilize everything at your disposal. There’s a good chance that such happenings are nudging you to prioritize your relationships, health, work, and other things which matter most to you. The world has gone through tougher times and survived. Just keep in mind that you have to stay strong and peer into the future with profound hope and willingness to flexibly maneuver through the murky waters. 

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