Want to Reduce Negativity? Tell Yourself These 3 Powerful Life Stories

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Image by yogesh more from Pixabay

Look: do you know that you’re telling yourself a story in your mind right now? You didn’t just stumble on this piece but rather, entertained and followed the story in your mind that convinced you to stop by. Life is a sum of philosophies gathered from birth and throughout life experiences including both good and bad.

You’re not immune to negativity – but you should try to be always mindful of your thought life because that’s what will eventually shape your life. As the good book says, “ as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” And we’re all human and susceptible to both good and bad happenings.  So, if you think bad thoughts long enough, then they’ll eventually reflect in your life. The vice versa is true.

That said, you should strive to keep a close eye on what goes through in your mind so you don’t lose track. Wondering how best to go about this? Well, don’t fret. Have a scoop at these 3 positive life stories you should be telling yourself to improve your life. 

1. Hopeful Future Story

How do you feel when you think about your future? Do you grapple with the fear of the unknown, or swim along with the blissful visuals of wonderful thoughts? Regardless of what you think or feel about the future, the bitter truth is that the clock will still tick mercilessly as the future slowly draws in. This applies to everyone under the sun. 

But the good thing is: unlike many animals that are subconsciously programmed, you have the outstanding privilege to reprogram your thoughts and make things right. It’s no mean feat, but you can at least give it a shot. Nearly everything you do is founded on a set of pre-programmed habits in your mind. 

These include simple things like waking up this morning and flossing your teeth. Likewise, if you constantly think negatively, maybe it’s time to rethink things and face the chilling responsibility of righting the existing wrongs. Jim Rohn, a prominent business philosopher argues that 10 years from now you’ll arrive, but the question is where? 

In other words, instead of reclining in your comfort zone and waiting for things to unfold, you need to actively contribute to your life so that you increase the odds of having a better outcome. Some longitudinal studies point out that it takes 21 days to change bad habits.  You can therefore begin to visualize a better future no matter how tough it may seem in the beginning, then as time goes by, you’ll notice that it will be second nature to you. 

2. Powerless Past Story

Everyone has retrospectively had a fair share of challenges stemming from the past. And truth be told, most of us generally don’t want to be reminded about the horrible mistakes we made, or tragic happenings we encountered in the past. We’d rather seek to incline more on blissful memories and try our level best to evade the painful past. 

But the past happened. And it’s gone. Therefore, it’s only fair that you forgive yourself, focus on the good things that happened and strive to surge forward towards a better future no matter how impossible it sounds. While it’s hard to totally erase all the bad memories etched in your mind, you can consciously weaken them if you’re really serious about it. 

The fact that you’re reading this article means that you’ve endured all the tough experiences in your life, and made it this far. You’re actually stronger than you initially thought. With this prior knowledge, therefore, just know that you have what it takes to move to a better future. Always know that the more time slips away, the weaker the bad memories of the past become.

3. Impactful present story

Asides from everything we’ve talked about in this piece, this is the most crucial part because the present is where we live on a daily basis. For instance, you’re reading this article now – at this very moment  – underpinning that you’re not wasting your time but instead making a constructive investment in your near future, and this is such a wonderful choice to make. Every second, minute, and hour offers you a chance to correct your mistakes. So, don’t let it slip away.

And regardless of whether you had a painful past or you’re constantly thinking of how things will turn out in the future, maybe this is the golden opportunity to pull up your sleeves, challenge yourself and invest in this moment in order to improve your future. It all boils down to two crucial things  – a mix of right thinking and appropriate actions to yield a great lifestyle. 

I’m Rooting for You

We’re now done with today’s chatter about life stories. The ball is now in your court. Keep in mind that the most important thing is making the first step regardless of how tough it may seem and keep surging forward. As time goes by, things will get better. All the best!

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