3 Common Crops Grown in Western Kenya

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Western Kenya is well known for agriculture – both on a small scale and large scale level. Arguably, agriculture is the main source of livelihood in Western. There are some crops that are commonly grown( whether for consumption or sale). Have a scoop:

                                                                             1. Maize

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While maize is a crop that’s grown all over the world, it’s a common crop in western Kenya. Most Luhyas enjoy “ugali”, a staple Luhya food that’s prepared from maize flour then cooked and stirred in boiled water. This meal is best enjoyed with chicken – which makes for a highly delectable meal. Besides subsistence maize farming, the maize crop is sometimes grown as a cash crop by farmers with large pieces of land.

                                                                    2. Sugarcane

Asides from maize, sugarcane is yet another crop that’s common in western Kenya. Unlike the other crops, sugarcane is mainly grown as a cash crop. A common area that’s well known for sugarcane is Bunyala, an area inhabited by Banyalans, a Luhya sub-tribe community that lives along the Kakamega-Mumias Road. In this area, farmers grow cane on a large scale, and it is then harvested and manufactured in Mumias sugar company, and distributed all across the country. Interestingly, a huge amount of sugar consumption is from western Kenya.

                                                                       3. Vegetables

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Food experts say that vegetables offer much in the way of nutrition. In this sense, Luhyas aren’t left behind in matters of vegetables. From “Kunde”, the Luhya name for cowpeas to “Mrenda”( jute Mallow) just to mention but a few, these plants are grown which are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. In kakamega county, it is not uncommon to find vegetables planted in most households. 

Ending Off

With the roundup information, maize, sugarcane, and vegetables are common crops grown in Western Kenya. And while other crops such as groundnuts and beans are grown as well, these aforementioned crops are common in western Kenya.

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