3 Must-Do’s Before Engaging in a Home Fitness Program

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  • Understand Your Motivation

It’s downright hard to get what you want or need if you don’t clearly articulate the reasons behind it. Imagine walking along the subway aimlessly, without a clear-cut plan to do anything. You’ll probably spend countless hours maneuvering through heavy traffic the whole day without anything to show for it at the end of the day. 

Likewise, this applies to fitness. Even if you’re grappling with fear and uncertainty during these tough times, and you’ve just figured that fitness may be a great vent-out option for you, you’d want to pause for a while and question yourself. Why do you want to try out the fitness program? Is it health, fitness or having a good body shape? Right after doing this successfully, you’ll build up from that point, and find compelling reasons to encourage yourself when things get tough or go completely awry.

  • Use the Momentum Approach

Garry Keller, a world-renowned self-help guru argues that greater success is attributed to the little, yet important things we do. It’s like the domino effect. You effortlessly push one domino, and it slides over and topples the next – then the sequence loop continues all the way to the last domino which is bigger than the rest.

In fitness, you need to start off with a growth mindset. You can’t just jump into the game and expect to flawlessly flex your muscles for 2 hours every single day without fail. Swallow your pride and chunk your big goal into sizable steps – say 10 minutes of thorough commitment daily. Then, little by little, you’ll gain momentum, get used to the program and strengthen your muscles.

  • Get Creative

Do you consider yourself creative?

Unlike popular belief, creativity isn’t just all about inventing new products, or successfully designing an airplane. You can flex your creative prowess by engaging in mild activities, like cooking differently, or playing soft music as you read a captivating book.

While exercising or planning to start out the fitness program, don’t religiously follow a straight-line approach. You can head out and download some free YouTube fitness tutorials, give them a try and stick to the ones that work best for you. Also, you can spice up your experience by listening to your favorite music while working out or sipping water every 10 minutes. Be sure to consider what works best for your first.

Wrapping Up

Working out is amazing. It’s a great way to reduce stress levels, improve your body appearance, ramp up your health and above all – feel amazing. So, if you’re at home, and trying to figure out which fitness program to latch onto, remember to consider these options to better your experience.

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