3 Growth Killers to Watch Out For

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You sure want to succeed, right?

Come to think of it: success is a coveted target for nearly everyone on the planet. It’s that blissful, seemingly out-of-reach treasure that we sorely crave, and the few who access it seem to be very lucky.  That said, whether you’re thinking of starting out a service-based or product-centric business, keep in mind that you need to keep growing to increase your chances of succeeding.

But what if I told you that maybe just maybe, you’re that weird barrier that’s holding back growth from your life? And when it comes to growth, the harsh truth is that you have to sacrifice a lot to move up a notch. Shocked? Well, don’t move a budge. In this post, we’ll unravel the 3 growth killers that might slow growth down in your pursuit of success.

Have a scoop:

1. Lack of ideas

Ideas offer much in the way of shaping reality. Things are usually built twice: first in the mind through imagination –  and then they’re transmuted into reality. Shockingly, you’re the sum total of all the ideas that you have been entertaining in your mind since you were born. It’s the raw self-explanatory revelation that your thoughts reflect your reality. That said, if you want to grow, you need ideas in the various dimensions of life ranging from relationships to career and business. If you lack ideas, then you start out the battle as a failure, and it will be downright difficult to keep things in motion. 

Don’t fret though. The fact that you’re reading this piece is enough reason that you are earnestly seeking out ideas, and this is a great place to start. Warren Buffet, a top business mogul who has built a massive business empire attributes his glinting success to one thing  books. He actually spends a huge chunk of his days sifting through books while gathering ideas. So, if you think you’re lagging behind, don’t give in to the slightest thought of regret. Rather, keep abreast with the fact that it’s time to embark on a roaring search for helpful information. Whether it’s from a book or through a rich conversation with someone you look up to, don’t hesitate to stir up your creative juices. 

2. Unimplemented ideas

Have you ever met lethargic personalities who tumble out countless ideas at the slightest opportunity? They have a knack for chiming into several conversations with their “shrewd” ideas. The funny thing though is that for the most part, their ideas never seem to materialize  or in some circumstances, they sneer and shrug off other successful entrepreneurs for implementing ideas claiming that they initially had the applied ideas in mind as well. 

The worst tragedy is that such idealistic personalities toy with great ideas that never come to life simply because they either lack the courage to take action, or they’re simply just sluggardly. If you really want to enjoy experiential growth, then you have to jump into the wild and test your ideas. Sure, you’ll face the unpleasant risk of failure and shame, but it’s all worth it. The longest gap lies between your ideas and actually implementing them. And guess what? The bridge between these two points is taking action.

3. Misused resources

Well, if you come up with ideas and successfully implement them, congratulations!  You’ve made it this far. And if you’re yet to get to this blissful point of attaining the desired results in your endeavors, don’t quit. There’s still a glint of hope.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn what you need to do when you finally amass resources. Statistics show that 20% of businesses actually fail within the first two years of being open.  

So, if you are actually growing and generating revenue, it means that you have stupendously progressed. However, regardless of the excitement that comes along with moving from one tough realm and heading to another dimension in your career or business, remember that the journey continues when you finally access the resources. The secret sauce to growing is by shrewdly managing your resources. Right after getting some money, don’t just nose dive into pleasurable activities. Instead, be sure to reinvest some resources after generating them in order to continuously grow your business. 

Ending Off

Growth is amazing. In order to access and pluck fruits, you need to gather up the courage and reach out for them. And while it’s no mean feat, paying the price is a lot easier with information. If you know more, you can do more. So, don’t just consume this information and let it fade away. Brood over it and you’ll increase your odds of growth. Happy growth!

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