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Do you often struggle to communicate with your prospects in an easy-to-follow and relatable way? Hire me to help you create high quality and engaging content for your customers and prospects.

Come to think of it: Content makes the world spin. Don’t believe me? You’re actually the sum total of content (including philosophies and ideas). They’ve hugely framed your mindset and lifestyle.

Similarly, content spins the internet. And I’m here to offer you high-quality content that’ll not only generate leads for your business but make your customers come back running for more.

 Did you know?

70% of customers prefer articles to advertisements. (Demand Metric)

91% of content marketers vouch for content marketing. (Point Visible)

Blogging generates 67% more leads for B2B Marketers. (Impact)

SaaS is expected to experience a 9% annual growth rate between 2019-2023. (hackernoon)

58 Percent of companies were running purely on SaaS as of 2019. (hackernoon)



In the online space, content is king—and data is queen. Marketing data shows that online blogging is an effective inbound marketing strategy. If you’re yet to join the blogging bandwagon, you’re missing out on a great chance to effectively market your services. I can help you create top-notch, data-driven blog posts that’ll wheel in leads to your business and ultimately boost your ROI. While I’m a SaaS fanatic, I can branch out to other topics as well. So, if you’d like me to craft other pieces, don’t hesitate to point out. I’d be more than happy to come up with meaningful content for you.


These offer much in the way of positioning your brand as an authority in your particular field and enable you to communicate effectively with your target customers. With me in your content team, rest assured that I’ll work closely with you to churn out well-researched and highly informative Whitepapers.


Need some high-quality pieces but you don’t have enough time to write? Fret no more. I’d be more than happy to ghostwrite professional content on your behalf. No worries, I’ll relinquish my byline and ownership rights while doing my best to look through your lenses— so that I jot down content that suits your interests.


Case studies are not only high informative and practical, they also communicate to your target prospects in a relatable way. Most importantly, case studies are endearing to readers because they are solidly based on real-life user experiences.


Email is among the most reliable marketing channels. If done the right way, it can help ramp up your sales to amazing levels. A study conducted by Monetate that profoundly analyzed over 500 shopping experiences showed that email slams down both social media and search combined in matters conversions.


Undoubtedly, ebooks are incredibly valuable when it comes to sales. They offer a reliable medium through which you can communicate with your prospects or customers—and consequently position yourself as an industry thought leader. If given a chance, rest assured that I’ll help create high quality -eBooks power-packed with value.